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BSU Statute
September 25, 2006 № 586
On the Statute of the Belarusian State University
With the aim to improve the activities of the Belarusian State University I decree:
 1. To make amendments and additions in the Statute of the Belarusian State University approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus on June 16, 1999 №334 (National register of legal acts of the Republic of Belarus, 1999,№48, 1/435; 2003, №52, 1/4591; 2004, №93, 1/5597) and present them in a new version (enclosed hereby).
2. State that:
2.1 property given to the Belarusian State University for operational management belongs to it and falls within its economic compliance. The BSU possesses and disposes it independently, particularly with the aim of carrying our economic activity, renting out;
2.2. plots of land, including those with the immovable, are transferred to the BSU free of charge for indefinite use. The BSU may let in other organizations on this land, also on the terms of the rental agreements.
3. The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus shall take measures to execute the Statute.
4. This Statute enters into force on the day of its official publication.
President of the Republic of Belarus A. Lukashenko
1. The Belarusian State University (hereinafter - the BSU), founded by the decree of the Presidium of the CEC BSSR on April 18, 1921 №64 and opened on October 30.1921 is a state educational establishment, that ensures an obtaining of a higher and post-university education.
The BSU is the leading educational establishment in the national system of education.
The BSU has its separate balance and can in its’ own name purchase and exercise property rights and be both plaintiff and defendant in the court. The BSU has its current account and other accounts including those in foreign currency, its own official stamp and letterheads with the National emblem of the Republic of Belarus and its title, stamps and its trademark.
2. The full official name of the BSU:
In Russian - Белорусский государственный университет;
In Belarusian - Беларускі дзяржаўны універстэт.
The short name:
In Russian - БГУ;
In Belarusian - БДУ.
3.The BSU is subordinated to the Ministry of Education.
4. In its activity the BSU is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the present Statute and other statutory legal acts.
5. The legal address of the BSU: 4, Nezavisimosti Ave., 220030, Minsk, Belarus.
6. The BSU fulfils its educational, intellectual, cultural and social mission aimed at satisfying the needs and interests of an individual, the society and the nation.
The core of the BSU is a union made up of students, post- graduate students, PhD students (hereinafter referred to as learners), the academic staff, researchers and pedagogues which carries out its activities in compliance with the classical traditions of the university education, on the basis of the principles of free academic teaching, researching and disseminating knowledge, on the principles of the combination of centralized state administration with democratic self-government, responsibility for the society, unity of study and research, the link of the science and education with practice.
 7. The main objectives of the BSU are the following:
training specialists with higher education in compliance with the needs of society and state;
organizing and caring out academic research, experimental and design work, innovative and production activities to solve most actual problems of science, technologies and industrial production; developing an appropriate material and technical base, experimental and production facilities to support the process of education and research;
educating students on the basis of patriotic values, high social awareness, humanism, respect for traditions and rights of Belarusian people, rights of other nations to the benefit of an individual and society;
meeting the needs of the individual in the intellectual, cultural, physical and moral development through obtaining higher and post-university education on the basis of the inseparable unity of study and research.
8. To accomplish these objectives the BSU in compliance with legislative regulations:
executes the types of activities according to the supplement;
determines content, forms and methods of teaching which are to provide the quality of training in compliance with the level of the current government requirements and world standards;
makes use of intellectual property, crated by the BSU members as a result of fulfilling their official duties;
participates in determining guide-lines for the scientific research in the Republic of Belarus and in organizing its support;
can act as a state order for the Republican science and technology development programs and other programs;
executes entrepreneurship activities needed for the BSU to accomplish its objectives;
disposes profits (gains) from rendering paid services (works), from commercial activity, from income (dividends), from participating in various undertakings and activities of other legal entities;
develops its own social facilities - a network of sports, fitness, health centres, medical recreational and cultural establishments;
executes other activities which do not contradict this Statute and other legal acts.
9. The education at the BSU is in the Belarusian and in the Russian languages.
10. The BSU trains specialists with higher education-scientists in post-graduate and PhD courses.
The list of specialities (fields of specialities and specializations) given by the BSU is approved by the Ministry of education via the Rector of the BSU.
11. The BSU has the rights to comprise divisions, branches, to form legal entities providing comprehensive educational training, vocational training, retraining, advanced and refreshment courses.
12. The BSU has the right to award its highest distinguished titles "Honorable Professor of the BSU" and "BSU Worker of Merit", regulations for which are approved by the Academic Council.
13. The Academic Council has the right to state the prizes and laureate’s diploma.
The value of prizes and their regulations are stated by the Academic Council.
 14.The sources of the BSU financing are:
 funding form the Belarusian republican budget;
 proceeds received from fee-paying education and other commercial activities;
 other sources which are not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
 15. Proceeds received from fee-paying education and other commercial activities are used in compliance with the legislation.
 16. A state audit of the students, postgraduates and PhD students’ quality of training, retraining and advanced courses are maid according to the legislation.
 17. Control over the execution of the BSU Statute and other legislation acts, the proper usage of the state property is of charge of the Ministry of Education, as well as of the Ministry of Finances and the Ministry of Economy, the state committee on property, the Committee for State Control and other state bodies in compliance with their authority.
18. The BSU is an integral complex consisting of academic, research, production, social and cultural, administrative, and other divisions as well as founded unitary enterprises and establishments (hereinafter referred to as legal entities of the BSU).
The unitary enterprises are founded by the BSU to provide educational, research and innovative processes. The foundation and termination of the legal entities of the BSU are executed in the line with the legislation and after endorsement of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.
19. The functioning of the BSU as an integral complex is provided by:
mandatory participation of the BSU legal entities in the academic, research and manufacturing processes or their implementation (maintenance);
carrying out the Rector’s instructions by the structural divisions and by the BSU legal entities;
forming a centralized fund for developing material-technical basis and information technologies. This fund is formed at the expense of legal entities’ profit at the value not more than 25% remained at the disposal of organizations after paying taxes, duties and other payments into the republican and municipal budgets, state budget and out-budget funds as well as after paying a partial profit in compliance with the legislation.
20. Legal status and functions of structural divisions and legal entities of the BSU are defined by this Statute and by their charters accepted by the BSU Rector’s instructions (except for the military faculty).
21. The BSU has the branches:
the BSU branch “ Center of information resources and communications of the BSU” (220050, 11, st. Revolutsionnaya, Minsk);
the BSU branch “ Department of economy, investments, educational services and ecology service” (220100, 15, st. Kulman, Minsk);
the BSU branch “Research center “Security of information technologies” (220064, 505-7, st. Kurchatova)
22. The BSU management is carried out in accordance with this Statute and other legal acts on the basis of combining the principles of a single undivided authority and collective advice.
23. The BSU is headed and governed by the Rector who is appointed and dismissed by the President of the Republic of Belarus.
The Rector of the BSU within his competence and in accordance with the Statute and legal acts:
governs the BSU activities;
chairs the BSU Academic Council;
issues the orders mandatory for all the BSU staff;
approves the structure and a staff time-table of the BSU (in case of the Military Faculty – with the approval of the Ministry of Defence) as well as sanctions a staff time-tables of the legal entities of the BSU;
appoints and dismisses a vice-rectors and head of accounting department with the approval of the Ministry of Education;   
ensures a fulfilment of the BSU Statute;
deals with the International Relations activity;
appoints and dismisses the heads and other workers of structural divisions of the BSU including the Military Faculty with the approval of the Ministry of Defence, grants benefits for them and inflicts disciplinary penalties (except the servicemen). Appointment of the commander, officers and warrants officers of the Military Faculty is made by the order of the Ministry of Defence with the approval of the Rector of the BSU;
without consulting with the Ministry of Defence the Rector of the BSU is not eligible to discharge the property of the Military Faculty which is given to him by the Ministry of Defence on the basis of the agreement on free usage.
24. The Rector acts on behalf of the BSU without warrant and represents it at state bodies, non-governmental organizations and other legal entities, signs an agreements.
25. The Academic Council of the BSU is elected collective body of the BSU management.
The Academic Council of the BSU:
reviews the major directions of the BSU strategic development, the plan of its economic development, most important issues of educational, research, international activities as well as the BSU development, thematic plan of its’ scientific researches, proposals on symbols and emblems of the BSU;
approves the BSU budget and reviews the annual report on the BSU budget execution;
makes proposals on improvement of the BSU structure;
redistributes the property and assets assigned to the BSU structural divisions, except the property and assets of the legal entities of the BSU;
distributes among the BSU structural divisions newly constructed and redistributes already existed study facilities which are created at the expense of republican budget and extrabudgetary funds;
nominates candidates for the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus, for being elected into the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, makes suggestions in accordance with the established procedure on granting the state awards;
holds elections and re-elections a competitive basis for positions of professors, chair heads and chief research workers;
grants tittles of honor, established by the BSU;
solves other problems envisaged by this Statute.
The Academic Council is headed by the Rector. The Academic Council composition is determined in the regulation of the Academic Council and doesn’t exceed 100 members.
The term of office of the BSU Academic Council is five years.
The Academic Council meets not fewer than six times a year. The administrative support of the Academic Council activities is provided by its Academic Secretary who is elected by the Academic Council out of its members.
When the BSU Rector disagrees with the decision passed by the Academic Council, controversial issues are submitted for a second review and decisions on them are made by two thirds of the Academic Council listed membership.
The Academic Council decisions enter into force after the Rector signs them and they are mandatory for all BSU staff members.
The BSU Academic Council members have the right to submit suggestions on the activities of the Council, forward inquiries to the BSU officials, who are obliged to provide a response to the inquiry within a period of a month.
The Academic Council session is considered valid when not fewer than two thirds of its members participate in the session. Decisions of the Council are made by majority voting.
If it is necessary the Rector of the BSU can issue instructions to pass the Academic Council decisions.
Other matters of organization and activity of the Academic Council not regulated by this Statute are determined by the Regulation on the Academic Council which is approved by the Rector’s instructions.
26. The BSU staff comprises professors, teachers, scientists, post-graduates and students, pedagogues, workers of culture, administration and personnel management, auxiliary services personnel, commercial, technical and logistic personnel.
27. The BSU staff members are granted the rights:
to participate in the BSU activities and in implementing the BSU objectives of its strategic development;
to elect and to be elected depending upon the nature of one's professional activity into the BSU Joint Council and Academic Councils at the BSU faculties, Institutes, Councils of Lyceum, the BSU college and into other representative bodies functioning at the BSU;
to use educational, scientific, material and social bases of the BSU;
to establish Trade Unions, other non-governmental organizations, their activities not contradicting legislation;
to have safe and non-hazardous conditions of work and studies in conformity with the government norm and regulations;
28. The BSU staff members have obligations:
to observe the Statue and internal rules of the BSU stated by the Rector;
to fulfil honestly and in full extent the requirements of their job descriptions, work agreements (contracts), other documents regulating the BSU staff member responsibilities;
not to allow breach of labour discipline, execute all the Rector’s instructions in due time;
not to allow actions insulting human dignity of the colleagues or obstructing other BSU staff members from carrying out duties ;
to handle the BSU property with care;
to observe the safety and fire precaution rules, follow sanitation requirements on production site.
29. Other BSU staff members' rights and responsibilities fall within the current Belarusian legislation, internal requirements and job descry.
 30. Filling the vacancies of the BSU academic staff is done on a competitive basis and/or by agreement (contract) valid for some period.
 31. Post-graduates, PhD students and seekers take part in the chairs’ and research centers activities, in pedagogic and research work in accordance with their individual work plans.
 32. Post-graduates, PhD students and seekers of other towns are granted hostel accommodation.
 33. Enrollment of the students into the BSU is done according to the stated regulations.
 34. Studies at the BSU are carried out in the full-time, evening and by-corresponding forms.
 35. Studies at the BSU may be carried out on a contract basis.
 36. The BSU students, non-Minsk residents, are granted hostel accommodation in order and on terms stated by the legislation.
 37. Full-time students, who successfully pass exams, receive scholarship accordance with the legislation
38. Alongside with the rights listed in paragraph 27 of the Statue students also have the rights:
 to receive higher education at the level of the state requirements;
 to do scientific research work;
 to get health service;
 to have free access to the book collections of the BSU fundamental library;
 to participate in conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, including international ones, which are organized at the BSU;
 to create student organizations for dealing with the affairs of students;
 to do internship studies within the agreements made by the BSU for training specialists and cultural exchange;
 to get moral incentives and financial bonuses for successful progress in studies, research, active participation in the BSU social and cultural life;
 to get military education in accordance with stated legislation
other rights in accordance with the legislation.
 39.In addition to the obligations listed in paragraph 28 of the Statute learners have obligations to:
 attend studies and complete the requirements of the curriculum;
 to be liable for compensating material and moral damage to the BSU;
 to fulfill the requirements and regulations of this Statute, the internal rules at the BSU and in its students’ hostels;
 learners can be dismissed from the BSU:
 according to the student own wish;
 due to transfer to another educational institution;
 on grounds of the poor academic performance;
 for disrupting academic discipline, internal rules of the BSU and its students’ hostels;
 on other grounds envisaged by the contract
 41. The BSU provides both free and fee-paying education. The cost of fee-paying education is defined by the legislation.
 42. The BSU executes international cooperation in the field of higher education, science and culture in compliance with this Statute, other acts of legislation and international agreements of the Republic of Belarus.
 43. The BSU has rights to participate in international non-government organization on the matters of higher education as well as promote its interests in international organizations on the terms and in order stated by the legislation.
 44. The BSU gives pre-university training, trains specialists with higher education and up-grades qualifications of international students in compliance with the legislation.
 45. The termination and reorganization of the BSU is executed on the terms and in order stated by the legislation.
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