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Mikhail M. Kovalev
Mikhail M. Kovalev
Mikhail Kovalev
Mikhail Kovalev
Date of birth:
May 2d 1947
Present position:
Dean of the Faculty of Economics,
Belarusian State University (BSU)
Academic degree:
PhD, Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences,
Academic rank:
Home address:
5-36 Golubeva str., Minsk
Postal address:
Belarusian State University,
Faculty of Economics.
31 K. Marx str., Minsk
220030, Belarus
+375 17 227 60 25
+375 29 671 37 72
1.     Education
1964 -1969

Belarusian State University, the Faculty of Mathematics

1969 - 1972
Post – Graduate in Mathematical Cybernetics, the Faculty of Mathematics, BSU
1980 - 1981
Paris University (France)
1975 -1985
Jena University (Germany)
1990 – up to now
Magdeburg University, DAAD (Germany)

Bonn University (Germany)

Frankfurt (Oder) University (Germany)
Montreal University (Canada)
Gastprofessor an der Universität Mediterannee Luminy-Marseille (France)
2000 - 2003
Bernhold Hochshule, Anhalt (Germany)
2006 - 2007
Leipzig University (Germany)
2.     Job Activities
2006 - 2008
participator of the TEMPUS Project “Transformation of educational process at the Belarusian State University on the basis of ECTS compatible technologies”
2003 – up to now
member of different interdepartmental committees, member of editorial board of such journals and magazines as “Belarusian economic journal”, “Bulletin of the Belarusian Banks’ Association”, “Finance”, “Banks’ Bulletin”, “Bulletin of the Belarusian State University”, “Economic Bulletin”
2001 – up to now
research consultant of the National Bank
1999 – up to now
dean of the Faculty of Economics
1999 – up to now
chief of the economic informatics and mathematical economics chair
1999 – up to now
researcher councilor of the President Administration
1998 – 2003
councilor of the President of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
1996 - 1998
vice-president, president of the Belarusian Banks’ Association
1993 - 1994
councilor of the Chairman of Supreme Soviet (council) of the Republic of Belarus
1989 – up to now
scientific adviser of scientific-research laboratory of discrete optimization
1987 - 1989
chief of the chair of mathematical problems of CAD
1985 - 1987
chief of the chair of mathematical problems of automatic control systems
1972 - 1985
researcher, senior lecture, reader of the chair of mathematical problems of automatic control systems of the BSU
3.     Rewards, prizes, academic degrees and rank
Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, PhD thesis on mathematical cybernetics
silver medal of VDNH of USSR
Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, doctoral thesis on mathematical cybernetics
Honors of Higher Education
Highly-Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus
2002 - 2003
President grant to scientists of the Republic of Belarus
4.     Publications, research interests and experience:

-      the author of the speciality standard 01.01.10 “Economics”, specialization “economist-analytic”

-      editor of school-books’ series “Banking” (6 volumes) together with Bank Academy (Germany)

-      the author of general programmes and courses such as “Operational Research”, “Discrete Optimization”, “Mathematical Economics”, “Optimal Decisions in Economy”

-      the author of the following student-books: “Discrete Optimization”, “Circuit Analysis and Topological Designing”, “Optimal Decisions in Economy”, “Wirtschaftmathematik. Bestimmung optimaler losunger mit PC”, “10 Lectures of Actuarial Mathematics for Investors”, “Modern Linear Programming”, “Financial Economical Calculations: Analysis of Investments and Contracts” and many others.

-     under his competent direction 25 PhD theses were defended

Lectures subjects:

-      Controlling

-      Concepts of Modern Sciences

-      National Economy

-       Financial Analysis


More than 300 scientific works in the sphere of Operational Research, Optimal Decision Making, Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis and Macroeconomics, including monographs and student-books. Over 70 of them are translated into foreign languages.

M. Kovalev is constantly published in different magazines, journals and newspapers, takes participation in many conferences and round-table discussions and is the expert in the sphere of modern economic crisis.

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